My interview with Brandon King, April 2014

My interview with Brandon King, April 2014

Basketball and sneaker culture go hand-in-hand.  From Walt “Clyde” Frazier’s suede Pumas, to the iconic Air Jordan sneaker line worn, endorsed, and named after the one and only Michael Jordan himself, there is an unbreakable marriage between the sneaker industry and the sport of basketball. Over the past decade, the popularity of sneakers have exploded and progressed to the level of a subculture. Although I myself have had an affinity for sneakers for as long as I can remember, there are some individuals like Brandon King who have decided to turn his love for kicks into an online experience that will be guaranteed to be enjoyable for sneaker enthusiasts like him.

I won’t carry on much longer, but please check out the material posted below that I’ve written along with the audio of my interview with sneaker guru, artist, and entrepreneur, Mr. Brandon King from earlier this year. Enjoy!

(Interview and story originally posted by B.C. on April 27, 2014)

This past week, I had the honor of catching up with Brandon King, who is an expert and authority on all things sneakers, especially when it comes to basketball. His lifelong love of the game of basketball also happened to translate over to a love of sneakers as well, which eventually lead him to create his own YouTube channel that’s dedicated to reviews of some of the most iconic and innovative sneakers that we’ve ever seen. On his YouTube channel titled “airjordanxiv” (named after the 14th edition Air Jordan, which is his all-time favorite), he provides elaborate and very informative reviews and commentary on many of the sneakers that are worn on the basketball courts all across the country. I personally find his YouTube page to be very resourceful for those of you who are diehard “hoopers” who are in the market for new basketball shoes, but want to do their homework before shelling out your hard-earned money for a pair you know nothing about.

Not only does Mr. King discuss his love of sneakers, he also sheds light on the “sneaker buying craze” that has understandably created major criticism from people outside of the “sneaker head community”.  We also discuss his partnership with sneaker reference site SneakerTube.TV, where he has been a regular contributor for the past couple years. His partnership with the sneaker site has inspired him to create his own site, which is currently under construction, and will be launching at a later date.

In addition to his commentary on sneakers and sports, King talks about his lifelong passion for art, and we switch gears to a much more serious matter, where Mr. King speaks on the need for everyone to have legal representation. He is also a representative of LegalShield, where he is licensed to handle your need for legal representation.

Due to his expertise on all things sneakers, sports, art, and legal matters, Brandon has quite the following here on the Internet. To see what he’s up to outside of our interview on YouTube, go to any of the links that I have provided here:

Brandon King is a well-rounded young man who speaks in full-detail on his passions and endeavors. He, like many other enterprising and innovative young men and women in my generation, have taken the reins from their predecessors, and seek to propel society to greater heights by carving out their own unique niche on this planet. I want everyone who reads this to watch the video that is posted below, and please comment, like, and subscribe for upcoming video interviews with more interesting and great people  from Yours Truly. Peace.

  1. Is he holding penny hardaway’s. I think I remember everyone having those except for me 😦

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